Thursday, March 17, 2011

Add a custom menu in List Toolbar

Using a Feature XML file, you can add a custom menu in a List Toolbar. The following image is a sample of the custom feature.There are couple of steps to create the List custom menu bar.
  1. Create a XML file, give a name to this file, e.g. "Test.xml".
  2. Add a "CustomAction" XML Element in this file.
  3. Add following attributes to this element: "
    RegistrationType="List" RegistrationId="100" Location="ViewToolbar"
    Sequence="1000" Title="Submit to Manager" Description="Custom List Action"
  4. Reference "Test.xml" file in "feature.xml"file using "ElementManifest Location='Test.xml' " XML schema.
  5. Install and activate this feature.
  6. Create a custom list from the site. You will see the custom menu "Submit to Manager" displaying on the List Toolbar.

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