Monday, March 23, 2015

Use Person/Group Picker in Infopath form to send multiple contacts to a SharePoint Workflow

Working on a Policies and Procedures form in Infopath 2010. We have a single field where a user can select multiple reviewers for the workflow. The problem is, I couldn't seem to access this group in SharePoint Designer's workflow tool. This is the workaround.

Add a hidden plain text field - I called mine 'Reviewers'
Set the default value to this formula
eval(eval(Person, 'concat(pc:AccountId, "; ")'), "..")
You may have to manually select the 'Person' part (see below).

Be sure to select the person folder and click OK.
In the field properties, make sure the 'Refresh value when formula is recalculated' box is checked.
The formula above will select each person from the group and separate them by semi-colons (see below).

use this Test box field(Reviewers String) in the workflow (To address).

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